Advice For Teachers

Each student’s entry needs to be submitted electronically (Word file) to the competition website. The best entries are often the result of allocating time in the classroom to support students to generate ideas, discuss formats and produce drafts.

Secondary school students can finish their work as homework, submitting an electronic copy to their teacher for assessment and a copy to the competition website for judging. They will need to be given the competition website details to upload their entry independently.

For Key Stage 2 teachers, hand written work will need to be typed up in order for entries to be submitted electronically. One option that works well is to send hand written work home with a request for parents/carers to support their children to type up and submit their work on-line. If you choose this approach, please explain the purpose of the work, provide the competition website details and give parents/carers enough notice to meet the competition deadline. A template letter to send home with your students’ work is included here.