2016 Shortlisted authors

2016 Shortlisted Authors

Key Stage 2 Poetry
Author Poem Title
Olivia Baillie Strong Into The Light
William Rogers Negative and Positive
Emily English Hairy Decisions
Awais Mohammed Fate
Archie Lannigan A Fork In The Road
Ellie Keen A Fork In The Road
Charlotte Allen A Fork In The Road
Jack Rowley The Voice Of Conscience
Gemma Craig Indecisive
Eppie Chittock A Fork In The Road
Lily Merrick Flipping The Coin
Harold Edwards A Choice
Key Stage 2 Story
Author Story Title
Isabella Murphy A Fork In The Road
Jennifer Hone Which Way Shall We Go?
Alysha Jarvis A Path To The Forbidden Forest
Bethany Atherton The Unwanted Puppy
Benjamin Knox The Saviour
Jess Halsey Dead
Amelia Best A Fork In The Road
Sophie Thompson The Dragon Slayer
Torin Baud Hassan’s Story
Annie Rose Jones A Fork In The Road
Ella Winter The Irish Giant
Gemma Howard An Extraordinary Morning
Key Stage 3 Poetry
Author Poem Title
Georgie Macfarlane A Fork In The Road
Otti Swan Gone
Abbie Cullop Fork In The Road
Freddie Tyzack A Fork In The Road
Lucy Harbison A Fork In My Road
Evie Tinegate A Fork In The Road
James Marshall Staring Down The Barrel
Daisy Persaud The Only Path
Daniel Cronin The Right Selection
Maddie Prior A Woman’s Life
Key Stage 3 Story
Author Story Title
Orlanda Stephens Alive
Tash Stevenson A Fork In The Road
Alice Sitwell Fork In The Road
Toni Idowu A Fork In The Road
Alishba Farooq Just A Dream
Arthur Kemp A Fork In The Road
Charlotte Bowman I Love You, Kate Taylors
Rosie Gee Immune
Martha Gardiner Into The Unknown
Yeva Maynard Apostasy
Key Stage 4 Poetry
Author Poem Title
Georgia Thorne The Alarm Clock
Emily Reed Refugee Child
Key Stage 4 Story
Author Story Title
Nellie-May Lumbis A Waterfall No More
Keara Koterwas Diseased
Oscar Miller A Fork In The Road
Jacob Beck A Fork In The Road
Oliver Tailby Reckless Abandon
Jack Tyler-Chamberlain A Fork In The Road
Megan Stockford Gunfire
Luke Briggs A Battle Of Dilemmas, A Battle For Survival
Vita Leone Not Around Any Longer
Ximena Bollen The Bartender